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Are you an Australian Kids Brand? If so, come join us!

Why start an Australian Brand Community?


Firstly, we are Aussies! Myself (Jenna) and Kieran are located in Sydney, Australia and are passionate to see Australian brands grow and make their mark on our country and the world. 

As the KidzFashion brand has grown so quickly and globally, now having over 519,000 followers on Instagram alone, we are finding it really hard to keep up with all of the amazing Australian brands that follow us and that we follow. Our DM inbox is filled daily with repost requests which we simply can’t keep up with and that make it hard to find genuine messages from brands sharing great news with us. The IG algorithm also means we don’t always see your posts!


We wanted to start this community to help us to see you and your news (new releases, photoshoots, models and model suggestions, daily wins, etc). We also want to create a space that brands can work together, encourage each other and bounce ideas off one another. We know full well that working for yourself can be a very lonely place at times, especially if you don’t have staff/colleagues to chat to. So think of this community as your work colleagues, just from different departments!


KidzFashion is also a business and we love to work with brands to advertise and boost their views/sales. We will also use this community to find brands that would like to work with us in both a paid and collaboration capacity. On occasion we will also open up our website and social media to an Aussie brand to showcase their products by way of a competition or monthly brand highlight.  



What this community isn’t for:


Any kind of negative behaviour. We probably don’t need to say any more than that but incase you need a further explanation here are some of the things we are hoping will never happen:

  • Copying of products

  • Bad mouthing a brand within or not within the community. No name and shame both publicly or via DM/PM.

  • Breach of contracts between brands that are working together

  • This is a safe environment. No judgement allowed!

  • Always be kind, respectful and ensure you are providing value to others.


Should you be found to have broken any of the above then KidzFashion have the right to remove you from the community.


Community members are welcome to message us should they have any issues within the community.


Please note: KidzFashion have the right to adjust and amend the group rules at any time. Should the rules change, we will post to the group indicating these changes. 


We look forward to meeting you all and discovering all of the amazing products that come out of the creative people that call Australia home!


Jenna and the KF Team.