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Hosting your child's birthday party isn't for the faint hearted…or is it? The planning, location and cost can be daunting and that is all before the big day. So when I found myself trying to work out how I was going to host Bailee's 9th birthday Mad Hatters Tea Party in a 3 hour window I turned to Kristen from Kids Events & Co. to help me out.

Kristen planned everything perfectly and I didn't have to worry about anything. The party went off without a hitch and Bailee loved every moment. Kristen's supplier arrived an hour before the party, set up and decorated the tea party, catered all the food and returned the next day to take everything away. Too easy!

Here are some photos of Bailee's Mad Hatters Tea Party followed by our chat with Kristen from Kids Events & Co.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your family

I have worked in the events industry for 12 years with the past 7 years being Kids Parties. I have 2 beautiful daughters and a wonderful Husband. My eldest daughter, Alegra, is 7 and my youngest, Evie, is 5. They keep me on my toes but they are all my biggest supporters. I can see Alegra having the same passion and creativity for events as me.

How did Kids Events & Co. come about and what inspired you?

Being a mother myself, I found it very frustrating having to deal with 5 or more different suppliers for my daughter's parties as I was very time poor. I was searching for a website where I could book everything I needed in one place and I couldn't find one. I woke up in the middle of the night one night and made the decision to put together a business plan and make this happen! I thought if I needed this website, others would too.

Starting your own business is hard work. What are some of the obstacles you've had to push through to make Kids Events Co. come to life?

Time and patience is something I have had to work through. All good things comes to those who wait and I was very diligent and patient in building the strongest supplier connections to bring parents the best party solutions.

What has been a stand out party that you've planned so far?

Apart from your gorgeous Mad Hatters High Tea, I worked very closely with a client to bring a Colour War Party for his daughter. What I loved about this party was working with her dad (who is based in Melbourne) on every facet of the party. He carefully hand picked party inclusions based on all the things she loved. He surprised her with the party (which was for her 8th birthday) and it was so special to see all the careful steps he took to make her day so special. It was full of colour, mess, loads of laughter and some very happy parents!

Of course you'll have a list of stand out parties, so tell us some of your runners up!

I recently worked on a Wests Tigers Party for a gorgeous 5 year old tigers fan! We are a household of tigers supporters and I loved having the opportunity to make this boys tigers party come to life. I love one day working on pink unicorn parties and the next organising football parties.

What is the process when it comes to booking a party through Kids Events Co?

We provide the opportunity for parents to build all the inclusions for their party on our website. Parents will add to their event basket the range of party inclusions they are interested in. We then contact each individual provider to confirm date availability and discuss any additional requests you may have. Once we have confirmed this, we will then send through a full quotation for all your party needs. Usually this is done within 1 business day. If there is something you are looking for that is not on our website, reach out to us and we will find it. We have such a large range of products and services we can access through our amazing network of suppliers. There is nothing we can't do. Once we have received a deposit as outlined on the quotation, your event is then secured and we will continue to work with you until your party to ensure you are happy and have everything you need to make your event amazing. We work directly with each supplier on your behalf so you only have one point of contact for your party.

Every parent wants to host an amazing party for their child but sometimes the Pinterest photos and the budget don't appear to line up. What would you say to parents who are concerned about budget but need some help planning a party?

We have a solution for every party. We aren't your traditional party planners, we can accommodate your budget so you can get the most of out of our services, but still feel the support of an event planner. We have different levels of services so you can see how it best suits your budget. We recently worked with a gorgeous client who was styling a party for her daughters first birthday. She provided images of inspiration and we worked with her until she hit on what she loved that fit in her budget. To help keep her budget in check, we worked closely with her behind the scenes and brought together amazing group of suppliers who brought her vision to life.

You not only arrange Instagram worthy parties but also the entertainment. What are some of the entertainment options available?

We have access to the largest range of entertainment options in Sydney and some of the most talented and amazing entertainers around. Whether you are a soccer fan looking to learn some new skills from a trained coach or an Emma Wiggle fan, we will keep your little ones entertained and walk away with memories to talk about for years to come. We some some great interactive parties which include inflatable obstacle courses, bath bomb making, LEGO building and a hugely popular pamper parties, through to disco and karaoke and a large range of character parties to suit everyone.

Should parents feel daunted about hosting a party in their own home/backyard?

Not at all, with Kids Events & Co. we aim to provide an ease and convenience when planning your next party. When you have the ability to book everything you need in one place, we coordinate the deliveries, ensure your required inclusions are available for your event date and speak to each individual supplier on your behalf, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the day. This process saves you time and money so you can enjoy these moments with your little one. Hosting a party at home can save you time in finding the most suitable venue and the early start sometimes needed for setup. With our team, we can have everything delivered to your house ready for you.

If hosting the party at home isn't an option, where are some other places that you suggest looking into?

Community halls are very popular choice for kids parties. You may have access to kitchen amenities for catering and bathroom facilities for your guests. They are also a great wet weather option, usually have an indoor and outdoor area and sometimes you can find some halls with play areas attached for the little ones. Alternatively you can reach out to your local council to discuss parks that are suitable with amenities and under cover shelter options. The only trick with this is if you can't book any park facilities, you may just need to seek some help from family or friends to head out a little bit earlier to help reserve the space.

Where do you find your party inspiration and party trends?

Pintrest is such a powerful resource for kids party inspirations along with social media outlets Facebook and Instagram.

I've dubbed you the party queen and, with two princesses of your own, I'm sure you've hosted some pretty amazing parties yourself. Tell us a bit about them.

Oh now im blushing :) Alegra's first birthday set the bar high with a Alice in ONE-derland theme. I sourced every individual prop I could find on ebay and local artists to help design the elements I needed for the room and the food table. Everything in that room was designed or made for the theme. When she was three, she was obsessed with Kinda Surprise (who isnt at this age), so I made from scratch the most incredible (even if i do say so myself) Kinda Surprise pinata, filled with all the goodies kids love. Then when Evie turned one, I hand made candles in the scent of rose (her middle name is Rose) as a take home gift for the family as we celebrated her naming day also. We have done all gorgeous Unicorn themes, Superhero, barbie, Sofia the first, inflatable water obstacle course and most recently we made a super obstacle course in our backyard for the kids to race in. Most of our parties have had gorgeous hostesses to keep the kids entertained, so even I could sit and chat with the other parents, even if its for a short while.

Scroll through some photos of Kristen's daughter's parties below

Thanks for joining us on our virtual couch, Kristen. It's so great to know that there are businesses out there to help us parents pull off magic for our kids. I found Kristen to be so easy to work with and Bailee's tea party turned out exactly how we wanted it.

Be sure to click the links below to follow Kids Events & Co. and contact Kristen to help you create your kiddos next party. Don't forget to let her know we sent you!

Instagram - @kidseventsco

Facebook - @kidseventsco

*We received a media discount for Bailee's birthday party. We have been following Kids Events & Co. for a while and approached Kristen to work with us. The result was exactly what we wanted and Bailee had the best party!

You know the feeling you get when you spend time taking hundreds of images of your child or children, spend further time choosing the ‘good ones’ that you’ll end up featuring on your Instagram account, you do the research on the hashtags you think are most popular and the accounts you’d like to get noticed by in the hope they will repost your image or engage with your account only to get disappointed when it doesn’t get noticed by the accounts you’re reaching out to or tagging! Well you’re not alone and your frustrations are shared among thousands of other parents who aspire to grow their fashion accounts or children’s pages.

Being a large children’s fashion feature account, we see this happen every single day, with over 2.8 million unique images now tagged to our unique hashtag #kidzfashion we literally scroll through hundreds of new images added every day and choose which images we are going to repost.

We thought it would be a good idea to try shed some light on how YOU can get your images and accounts noticed more, not only by us but other feature pages too.

You’ll notice that every feature page out there (we are referring to kids fashion pages mainly), we all seem to post very similar images, this is not because we all talk to each other and vote on images and decide which ones everyone of us should post, it’s because the images get ‘likes’ and stand out. When it comes down to being honest, lets be real, Instagram is a highlights reel, it’s a platform used for people to showcase how ‘good’ their life is and always make sure it’s their ‘best side’ being portrayed to their audiences. We understand that every image captured of your child is quite the opposite to that and every child isn’t walking around meticulously critiqued and ready to pose for images and look perfect in every shot. So with all this said, below are some tips we believe will help you get your images noticed and hopefully will help you get them reposted, if not only by us then by others too.

What you should be doing:

1. Look at the accounts you’re wanting to be reposted on and be sure to be doing all they ask with regards to being featured (eg, follow them, tag their unique hashtag, tag them in the photos etc). Often, we will see images which have us tagged in them but they won’t be following our page or engage with any of our posts. There are of course exceptions to this rule of course whereby if it’s an image we really want to post (because it’s that good) then we sometimes turn a blind eye to this 😊

2. Build up rapport with those accounts, like their images, comment on their posts and begin getting in their face (in a nice way). By this we mean, the more you comment and like each of their posts, the more your Instagram handle will be seen and noticed by them. The saying goes “the squeaky wheel gets attention”.

3. Spend time looking at the other images they feature and post, often there is a certain standard and ‘look’ that seems to be a trend of every image they post and feature, if your images look nothing like the ones being featured, chances are that your posts won’t be noticed or reposted not because the images are terrible but simply because it’s not the ‘look’ they generally post.


- Backgrounds and scenery (what do most of the featured images have in common?)

- Quality (taken in a well-lit environment, high resolution, clear and crisp images)

- Angle (does it cut half their body out, is it a close up, distance shot etc?)

- Filters (DON’T overdo it, nothing is worse than seeing images which are far from real eg eyes which have been photo shopped and look extremely fake). Natural but high quality shots are best

- Don’t DM the accounts and ask to be featured, let them come to you. Believe us when we say, if the account ‘gets it’ and has the look we are after, we post them OFTEN simply because they do all the right things.

- Don’t be afraid to reach out to the fashion model accounts who do it well and ask them questions. It helps you understand more about how they do it really well, what camera they may use, what tricks work well for babies and toddlers to keep them engaged when taking photos (eg giving them a cracker to hold) etc. The pages you want to aspire to be like, reach out to them and ask them for tips.

- Excellence: Easier said than done right? but be sure to check for the small details that make a huge difference. Does your child have snot on their face? Are their clothes dirty and marked with food stains? Is the lighting bad and the photo blurry etc? Put your best foot forward.

- Finally, realise you may actually be doing the right things and your images might be perfect and it’s simply a matter of time until you’re featured. With hundreds of images tagged and mentioned to @kidzfashion every day, it’s not easy featuring EVERY image we like and every time we go to feature another, there’s another hundred posted and tagged for us to look at again.

We hope in some way this has helped you think about some tweaks you may be able to change to try make your images ‘pop’ a little more and get noticed. If you have any questions or thoughts to add, please write them below and we’ll do our best to help answer them.

Happy posting 😊