IN PARTnership with Give and Take, sydne

Many of us dream of long hot Summers with fun memories that last a life time. Here in Australia our Summer is far from over and it has been a Summer to remember for all the wrong reasons. Bushfires have burnt over 10.7 million hectares of our sunburnt country destroying entire towns, over 2200 homes, 1 billion of our animals and taken the lives of fellow Australians. We've had days on end where the air has been thick with smoke and an eerie feeling falls upon our cities. Our hearts are hurting, our people are hurting, but we are strong and those of us not directly affected can do something to help those in need.

On New Years Eve 2019 we were holidaying on the South Coast when the fires ripped through. The fire front came within 200 metres of where we were staying and we had been evacuated to the beach. We are so thankful that the wind changed and within moments the fire stopped in its tracks and fire fighters were able to gain the upper hand before having to race off and protect other towns. That particular fire burnt many houses, properties, livestock and over 84,315 hectares of land. After seeing the devastation first hand and families displaced with only what they managed to pack in their cars, we knew we had to do something to help. (some photos of that day below)

We have partnered with Give and Take Sydney to respond to specific requests from families in need who've lost everything. While our emergency services and emergency aid have been incredible during the first response time, we now want to continue to help provide families with clothing when they have accommodation to keep it in.

We also want to give businesses and brands, like you, the opportunity to give what you are most proud of and not just money (although, that is incredibly valuable). 

Here at KidzFashion, we will be collecting BRAND NEW clothing donations from you to distribute directly to families in need when the requests come through from Give and Take. We will be collecting clothes for all ages, especially babies and children, and seasons. 


1. Gather any of your stock that you are happy to donate.

2. Email us here at KidzFashion to find out where to post your donation to or where to directly drop off.

3. Post or deliver your donation.

4. Watch our IG accounts (@kidzfashion and @kidzfashionaustralia) for a shout out to say Thank You!

Donations are accepted from brands not just in Australia so if you are an international brand and you are happy to donate product and postage then we would be forever grateful.

Just imagine the smile on kids and parents faces when we are able to gift them a brand new wardrobe of clothes that they will be proud to wear. We are so excited about this and hope that you can join us in making this possible!

Thank you in advance for your generosity.