• Jenna van Bentum

Aussie Brand Feature Wrap Up


If you follow us over on Instagram then you will have seen our July Aussie Brand Feature promo that has been happening. As you know, we are an Australian based brand so we thought we'd give some of our fellow Aussies a shout out on our socials. This didn't cost them anything and had no strings attached. We used #kidzfashionau to help us discover these brands as well as word of mouth and shout outs from other brands. The response was great and many of you showed these amazing brands the love they deserve.

So, here are the brands we featured. We hope you enjoy these great Aussie Brands and if you click on their handle you can show them some love too!

If you are a brand looking for some extra exposure then please get in contact as we'd love to meet you and see how we can work together. Don't forget to tag us (@kidzfashion) plus #kidzfashion and #kidzfashionau

See you on the socials!


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