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Back To School With Smash

I dislike shopping for new jeans.

I really struggle finding jeans that fit me well, have enough length, are stretchy but not too stretchy, don’t sag, don’t cut off my circulation and actually look good! I bet you are the same. Everyone likes different jeans for different reasons. Everyone has a different body shape and therefore not one pair will suite everyone.

Here’s the thing, did you know that the lunch boxes our kids use at school are the same? They all prefer something different and enjoy a product that works for them.

Smash lunch boxes
So many to choose from!

I’ve been doing our Back to School shopping over the past few weeks and have kept this in mind as we choose items for my kids. They are both very different in personality and in the things they like which means simply buying two of the same item doesn’t always work.

Jasper is a fast growing six year old who could eat all day long if you let him. He also likes structure, especially when it comes to his lunch box, which requires his recess and lunch in separate compartments if possible. Keeping it simple and substantial is what he likes. The perfect lunch box for him has those separate compartments and open spaces to fit a whole sandwich or bread roll, a whole piece of fruit (usually a banana) plus all the other nibbles he has. Recess goes in the top section and lunch in the bottom. Perfectly ordered just the way he likes it!

Bailee is also a very active eight year old. She enjoys change, trying new things and chatting with her friends while doing so! A bento style lunch box excites her. She likes all the little compartments filled with different things and can easily handle the clips that fasten it together. She also takes her lunchbox out of the classroom with her so it is important that she has a cool bag to put it in until she goes back to class and can return it to her school bag.

Bento Switch Up by Smash
Bento Switch Up by Smash

Inside the Bento Switch Up
Inside the Bento Switch Up

Drink bottles are also a challenge. They need to be practical, easy to be refilled and no leaks. Plus a bit of fun along the way never hurt either!

Cascade Drink Bottle - Glitter Party!
Cascade Drink Bottle - Glitter Party!

These are a few of my tips on getting the right lunch box for your kids:

  1. Consider the amount of food they eat and how they like it separated. If your child prefers a whole piece of fruit, like a banana or apple, make sure they fit easily.

  2. Take them with you and watch them open and close each lunch box to find the easiest one for them.

  3. What is the temperature where you live? Ensure there is space for a cold pack during hot weather.

  4. Will it fit in their school bag?

I love that there are so many different choices out there theses days and each lunch box encourages us to pack our food nude and reduce the use of plastic wraps.

Bento Bite inside the Light Lunch Bag by Smash
Bento Bite inside the Light Lunch Bag by Smash

Bento Bite and the Light Lunch Bag

So what type of lunch box are your kids?

Huge thanks to Smash for sending us their Coles range of Back to School products to test out. We’ve been using Smash for years and have always found them to be reliable and strong products for our kids.

The Bento style lunch boxes are fantastic to pack food straight into and simply pop them in the dishwasher after school each day. The Bento Bite ($18.00) and Bento Switch Up ($15.00) are available now and can be paired with the Light Lunch Bag ($14.00) or The Fridge ($18.00) to keep them extra cool. The new Bento Bite does have a cold pack in the bottom too.

Bailee has been enjoying the Cascade drink bottle ($14.00) that creates a glitter party every time you tip it up. Jasper has loved the GLOW bottle ($12.00) that glows in the dark making it easy for him to have water during these warm summer nights.

Glow Bottle by Smash
Jasper's new favourite - Glow Bottle

Glow Bottle
6 hours of glow time!

The whole range is now available at Coles Supermarkets across Australia and just in time for school to start back!

*KidzFashion received these products from Smash as gifts to trial for review. This was not a paid review.

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