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Getting Started In Brand Repping - An Interview With Ksisterslove

Word of mouth has been proven time and time again to be the best form of marketing. People notice something of yours that they like, ask you where you got it from and next minute they are out buying it. The world of brand repping has become one of the biggest 'word of mouth' advertising markets in the online world today and plenty of kids and their parents are gleaning from the fun and benefits of being a brand rep. So how do you get into this intriguing world of brand repping and what should you look out for?

Today we want to introduce you to one of our favourites and also one of KidzFashion's moderators - Saeko from @Ksisterslove.

Enjoy this read and take away the great tips on getting started in your own brand rep journey.

Let's get to know you! Tell us your name, a bit about you and your family.

My name is Saeko, mom of 4 kids. Kaylee 11, Kaya 9 and Kalli 7 aka Ksisters, and I also have a son Kyle who's 15. We live in San Diego California. I have my dog grooming shop and have been grooming dogs for 24 years. We are always busy with many kids activities. My son plays baseball, he’s on travel ball team and also high school varsity team. My daughters all do dance (hip hop) and they are all on competition teams. They also do cheer. And they are agency represented models so we're often traveling to LA for auditions and photoshoots.

How old were your kids when you started this brand rep journey?

Kaylee was 9, Kaya 7 and Kalli 5.

How long have you been a brand rep manager?

2 years.

What got you into brand repping?

After I created my girls IG account, I was looking through kids fashion and started following some of the shops that I liked. One day one of the shops was doing a rep search.

Getting started can be tricky, how did you launch your kids brand repping career?

After we were chosen to be on the rep team I started entering into more rep searches. I make sure to take good quality photos that appeals to their styles.

Are you a phone or camera type of person?

Both. But I prefer to use the camera for rep photos.

What is your weapon (camera) of choice?

I use a Cannon

We all love to give our photos a little boost. What apps do you use for photo editing?

I use a free app called Photo Editor & sometimes I use Snapseed

Where is your ideal photo shoot location?

On the street, against a parking structure or in a park. (I try to avoid too much green in the background since it’s usually the street style we are after)

People say not to work with children or animals and yet here we are! What strategies do you use when working with your kids?

They love having their photos taken so I don’t really have many problems. But they always love their smoothies or ice cream after the shoot.

What should someone new to brand repping be careful of and look out for?

Each shop have requirements for reps so you need to make sure to read it before entering. It's a time consuming job which requires you to style the outfit, take pics, edit, post, promote and engage (likes and comments) to the shop you are repping for.

What are your tips on taking your brand repping to the next level?

Use a camera (not your phone). If you take good quality photos the shop owner can use those photos on their website too. And take detailed photos (closeups)

How do you go about approaching brands that you would like to rep for?

If I really like the brand, I would normally purchase their items and then post on my feed being sure to tag the brand to let them see our images. You can also simply message them.

What are some things that brand rep managers (parents) should look out for when accepting contracts with brands?

Purchase requirements, how many posts per week, within how many days the photos need to be sent.

If you could shout out a fellow brand rep who would it be?

@kingxmia @hypekids805 @browntowngirls

Thank you Saeko! Some great tips on how to get started on this brand rep journey.

If you have any questions you would like to ask about brand repping then please drop us a comment below or email us at hello@kidzfashion.co.

Don't forget to jump on over to @ksisterslove on Instagram to check out more of their great work.

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