• Jenna van Bentum

Introducing SMASH Blue

Ditching disposables is certainly something we should all be working at doing more of and what better place to start than with the products we use for our food. We've been lucky enough to road test the brand new BLUE range from SMASH over the past few weeks and we've been loving it! Reducing the amount of plastic and making products from materials that last a long time will help our planet and reduce the amount of waste washing into our waterways.


Here is some of the range that we've been checking out -

Barista Buddy - $18

Bento Box - $25

Food Flask - $20

Meal Box - $18

Snack Pots - $15

Glass Bottle - $20

Insulated Bottle - $25

*All prices quoted are Australian Recommended Retail Price

** Products available NOW at Coles Supermarkets

Here is the super simple way that we used the Bento Box and the Snack Pots. Fresh fruit and veg are the perfect snacks and paired with hummus is a win!

One of my favourite quick lunch options is Thai Coconut and Sweet Chilli Quinoa with Chicken Tenders. The Smash Blue Food Flask complete with its own spoon is the perfect container to keep my lunch nice and warm and easy to eat when on the run. Paired with the Glass Bottle for my water and I'm ready to go!

We've really enjoyed testing out the new SMASH BLUE products and plan on using the range ongoing. We love Smash products and working with this great Aussie brand. Together we can reduce the amount of single use plastics and instead use great products like these!

Available now at Coles Supermarkets.

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