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New Year, New Decade, New School Stuff!

Quality, durability and value for money is what I look for when it comes to any school items that I buy for my children. When you think about what these items must go through in the day of the life of a school kid then you quickly realise these items must be built solid!

Often when you think quality and durability you think 'expensive' but I'm glad to share that these products fit well into the budget and will last a lot longer than many other products on the market at this time of the year.

Our good friends at SMASH sent us a box of their Officeworks range to test out on the toughest of kids. You may remember the box of goodies we received last year and I'm glad to say that they have stood the test of time and I didn't have to replace them at all.

Trust me, my kids make sure products get a good beating throughout the school year and if they survive then they are a winner!

As a family we do try and keep our waste down and that means buying good quality products that we don't have to replace as often as well as using reusable containers for school. I love the range of Nude Food Movers by Smash and especially the Snack and Freeze pot (RRP $6.98). Its perfect for yogurt or chopped fruit that you want to keep cool. Just simply put it in the freezer overnight and fill in the morning. It also attaches to the original Nude Food Mover Snack Tubes (RRP $5.48) so you can add something crunchy to your yogurt just before you eat it.

Another favourite is the Smash Fridge (RRP $19.98) which is a cooler lunch box with build in ice packs. You can either take the ice packs out and freeze overnight or do what I do and put the whole thing in the freezer! The Smash Lunch Buddies (RRP $5.99) fit perfectly inside the Smash Fridge too.

My kids have been wanting a drink bottle with a mister spray for ages but I've only been able to find expensive ones or cheap, not great quality ones. They were pumped to find the Smash Mister Drink Bottle (RRP $6.98) in the box and now I have fights on my hands as they both want it! Guess I'm off to Officeworks to buy another...

Great value for money is the Smash 10 Piece Lunch Pack (RRP $9.98). Complete with lunch bag, drink bottle, 2 snack tubs, 2 ice packs, 2 snack bags, a spoon/knife/fork and a sandwich container. All great quality and come in some really fun colours too!

If your kids like a Bento Box style lunch box then Smash have two different options available. The Nude Food Mover Bento Bite (RRP $19.98) is great and has fixed spaces for different foods. It also has an ice brick that fits below the sandwich section. If you are after something with a bit more flexibility then the Smash Bento Switch Up (RRP $14.98) is great and goes well with the Nude Food Mover Light Lunch Bag (RRP $14.98).

Do your kids like to dip? A favourite for us is carrot sticks and hummus. Nude Food Mover Snack and Dip (RRP $6.98) is great for that as it has a little dip compartment inside. This leak free container is great and I think I'll keep this one for myself for when I'm out and about and in need of a snack.

The Smash Stainless Steel Explorer Flask (RRP $14.98) is the best thing on a cold soccer morning! Made for both hot and cold drinks, it's my go to for my hot coffee.

Other products we received were the Smash Vault (RRP $11.98) which is a lunch box for those with a big appetite and the Smash Ice Sheet (RRP $4.98) which is a pack of 3 ice bricks that fit inside the Vault.

To see more of these great products check out our video at the top. The kids are always excited when our Smash box arrives!

Any product we receive that we don't use we will be donating to families affected by the Australian Bushfires. There are plenty of school kids who've lost everything and we hope to be able to help them out with some this great range.

If you are after a once stop Back To School shop then Officeworks have got you covered with this great range from Smash. Happy shopping and have a great 2020 friends!

Jen - KF

*Products gifted for us to review. All opinions are our own. Prices in AUD, please check stock at Officeworks as some have been reduced or discounted.

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