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Why you're not being featured :(

You know the feeling you get when you spend time taking hundreds of images of your child or children, spend further time choosing the ‘good ones’ that you’ll end up featuring on your Instagram account, you do the research on the hashtags you think are most popular and the accounts you’d like to get noticed by in the hope they will repost your image or engage with your account only to get disappointed when it doesn’t get noticed by the accounts you’re reaching out to or tagging! Well you’re not alone and your frustrations are shared among thousands of other parents who aspire to grow their fashion accounts or children’s pages.

Being a large children’s fashion feature account, we see this happen every single day, with over 2.8 million unique images now tagged to our unique hashtag #kidzfashion we literally scroll through hundreds of new images added every day and choose which images we are going to repost.

We thought it would be a good idea to try shed some light on how YOU can get your images and accounts noticed more, not only by us but other feature pages too.

You’ll notice that every feature page out there (we are referring to kids fashion pages mainly), we all seem to post very similar images, this is not because we all talk to each other and vote on images and decide which ones everyone of us should post, it’s because the images get ‘likes’ and stand out. When it comes down to being honest, lets be real, Instagram is a highlights reel, it’s a platform used for people to showcase how ‘good’ their life is and always make sure it’s their ‘best side’ being portrayed to their audiences. We understand that every image captured of your child is quite the opposite to that and every child isn’t walking around meticulously critiqued and ready to pose for images and look perfect in every shot. So with all this said, below are some tips we believe will help you get your images noticed and hopefully will help you get them reposted, if not only by us then by others too.

What you should be doing:

1. Look at the accounts you’re wanting to be reposted on and be sure to be doing all they ask with regards to being featured (eg, follow them, tag their unique hashtag, tag them in the photos etc). Often, we will see images which have us tagged in them but they won’t be following our page or engage with any of our posts. There are of course exceptions to this rule of course whereby if it’s an image we really want to post (because it’s that good) then we sometimes turn a blind eye to this 😊

2. Build up rapport with those accounts, like their images, comment on their posts and begin getting in their face (in a nice way). By this we mean, the more you comment and like each of their posts, the more your Instagram handle will be seen and noticed by them. The saying goes “the squeaky wheel gets attention”.

3. Spend time looking at the other images they feature and post, often there is a certain standard and ‘look’ that seems to be a trend of every image they post and feature, if your images look nothing like the ones being featured, chances are that your posts won’t be noticed or reposted not because the images are terrible but simply because it’s not the ‘look’ they generally post.


- Backgrounds and scenery (what do most of the featured images have in common?)

- Quality (taken in a well-lit environment, high resolution, clear and crisp images)

- Angle (does it cut half their body out, is it a close up, distance shot etc?)

- Filters (DON’T overdo it, nothing is worse than seeing images which are far from real eg eyes which have been photo shopped and look extremely fake). Natural but high quality shots are best

- Don’t DM the accounts and ask to be featured, let them come to you. Believe us when we say, if the account ‘gets it’ and has the look we are after, we post them OFTEN simply because they do all the right things.

- Don’t be afraid to reach out to the fashion model accounts who do it well and ask them questions. It helps you understand more about how they do it really well, what camera they may use, what tricks work well for babies and toddlers to keep them engaged when taking photos (eg giving them a cracker to hold) etc. The pages you want to aspire to be like, reach out to them and ask them for tips.

- Excellence: Easier said than done right? but be sure to check for the small details that make a huge difference. Does your child have snot on their face? Are their clothes dirty and marked with food stains? Is the lighting bad and the photo blurry etc? Put your best foot forward.

- Finally, realise you may actually be doing the right things and your images might be perfect and it’s simply a matter of time until you’re featured. With hundreds of images tagged and mentioned to @kidzfashion every day, it’s not easy featuring EVERY image we like and every time we go to feature another, there’s another hundred posted and tagged for us to look at again.

We hope in some way this has helped you think about some tweaks you may be able to change to try make your images ‘pop’ a little more and get noticed. If you have any questions or thoughts to add, please write them below and we’ll do our best to help answer them.

Happy posting 😊

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